Gluten-free Pear Cookie

Gluten-free Pear Cookie
Artisan gluten free cookie from natural ingredients flavored with delicious chunks of pear from the Hageland.
starch, dextrose, butter (milk (including lactose).), sugar, cornstarch, apple, apple juice, preservative E202, acid: E330, flour improvers: enzymes, emulsifiers (E471, E473), thickener (E461, methyl, carboxymethylcellulose), baking powder (E575, E500 (ii), E341 (i))
Sulphite, Milk (incl. Lactose), Egg
Nutritional values (per 100 g)
Energy value (Kcal) 393.75
Energy value (KJ) 1642.76
Fats (g) 24,20
-saturated Fats (g) 16.33
-Enkelv. onv. fatty acids (g) 6.08
-Meerv. onv. fatty acids (g) 0.58
carbohydrates 26.58
-Sugar (g) 21.41
-Polyols (g) 0.00
-Starches (G) 0.96
Proteins (g) 1.26
Salt (g) 0.73
Fiber (g) 1.24