Sugar-free Almond Cookie

Sugar-free Almond Cookie
Artisan cookie of natural resources, suitable for people with diabetes and flavored with almonds.
wheat flour (gluten), sugar substitute, potato starch (gluten), salt, butter (milk (including lactose).), almonds (nuts), whole eggs from chicken eggs, sweetener (E953, E955), preservative: E202, acid: E330
Gluten (wheat), milk (incl. Lactose), nuts (almonds), Egg
Nutritional values (per 100 g)
Energy value (Kcal) 422.38
Energy value (KJ) 1765.29
Fats (g) 26,27
-saturated Fats (g) 15,13
-Enkelv. onv. fatty acids (g) 8.74
-Meerv. onv. fatty acids (g) 1.70
carbohydrates 36.55
-Sugar (g) 1.75
Polyols (g) 3.06
-Starches (G) 0.09
Proteins (g) 7.81
Salt (g) 0.22
Fiber (g) 0.91