Welcome to Delimanjoo.

Delimanjoo is an artisan company that satisfied your sweet sensations. Our goal is to put a smile on everyone's face when you taste our creations, traditional products, bold new creations, to dishes that are specifically tailored to your needs. The sweet familiar taste of freshly turned ice cream, sorbets, ice cream cakes and other delicious sweets always fill our workshop. Our tempting invitation for you to discover the content and saturation in every bite that you take one of our delicious products.

We only offer products that are made fresh in our own factory. With a deep respect for traditional recipes is our creation process is far from automatic operation to maintain the quality taste. The special care that makes putting the craft into our kitchen sure each article of handmade quality, with a healthy advantage in that there are no artificial preservatives or dyes are added.


Sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free

More and more states are whether we are sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free products have in our range.
Therefore we have decided to go to specialize us in such products. Yet we also want to preserve the traditional character and all of our delicacies prepared and manufactured to the craft traditions.



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